Seibertron Inc. Offers The Next-Level Technology For Tactical Gear

Comfortable, Flexible, & Reliable – Seibertron’s Collection of Tactical Gear Is Making Waves


When it comes to outdoor gear, tactical gear, utility gloves, and gun gloves, Seibertron Inc. offers the very best quality products at the very best price points for customers from all around the word. For us, nothing is more important than guaranteeing our customers an exceptional seamless experience from end to end – from purchase to the final receipt of your product, Seibertron Inc. remains driven to become an industry leader in the tactical gear space. We’d like to introduce you to our products and our brand, so that you can see for yourself just how popular our next-level tactical gear has become.

Who We Are


Seibertron Inc. is a tactical outdoor gear manufacturer based in China with more than 9 years of experience in the industry. With our facilities in China, all of our products are carefully and thoughtfully produced from raw materials in our state of the art manufacturing facility. From there, our products are shipped to the US, where they’re sold in a number of different retail stores and on our website.

For us, outdoor gear isn’t just a job – it’s our passion. We know just how important our products are for our clients, and we strive to guarantee the ultimate use experience when out in the field. So, whether you’re looking for utility gloves, gun gloves, or tactical gloves, you can rest assured knowing that Seibertron’s tactical gear is built to last.


Today’s Product Showcase – Tactical Gloves & Gun Gloves


It’s no secret that our tactical gloves and gun gloves are some of the most popular products that we have to offer – and that’s because they’re quickly becoming the new industry standard. Made from four-way stretch nylon, each glove offers the wearer a soft and comfortable fit, with endless flexibility to ensure a complete range of motion when out in the field. With breathable mesh technology, you can rest assured knowing that sweaty hands are a thing of the past.

Our gun gloves feature sponge padding on the palm to protect against vibrations and kickbacks when firing, and there’s even an added layer of mesh silicone padding with anti-slip technology built into the palm to give you more grip.

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More Than Just Gloves

In addition to our popular tactical gloves and gun gloves, we also offer a wide range of tactical gear and outdoor clothing. We proudly serve as your one stop shop for outdoor gear. From exciting and trendy enthusiast apparel, to the tactical gear that you’ll take with you out in the world, you can depend on high quality and affordability with each and every purchase. And along with our products, you receive the undivided attention of our entire team. From our manufacturing team in China, to our customer support team in the US. And don’t forget, we’re always looking to grow our reach. We’re looking for interested outdoor enthusiast companies to partner with us here in the US all across different towns, cities, and states. So, if you’d like to sell Seiberton products in your store, be sure to contact us today!

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